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Custom Service

Custom Service :Comprehensive Satisfy Sales Demands

  • Sample demo service ,sample display ,sample management ,sample introduction , product presentation .

  • Business negotiation, large purchases on-site discussion ,project  sales business discussion ,aboard on-site

       consulting and business negotiations.

  • Customer reception, customer visits accompany ,product and company instruction  business presentation and

       other services 

  • Exhibition arrangement, exhibition preparatory ,exhibition presentation, on-site introduction,

       business negotiations. 

  • Project management, abroad project-based sales ,project management service .

  • Follow the sales return, follow up the payment and discussion , including remote and on-site customer visit .

  • Tender Assembly, preliminary data preparation ,overseas bidding Assembly , bid analysis, on-site participants

       bid,win bid preparations. 

  • Company registration, registration of overseas branches, platform construction, staff recruitment. 

  •  Sales training, training overseas sales staff  on expertise and marketing skills. 

  • Staff outsourcing, outsourcing overseas employees. 

  • Operations agents, operating overseas company service , company's daily operations, tax agents service,

       employee management ,task monitoring and repor ting mechanisms.

  • Foreign Language Service , product packing foreign language, company advertising pages, foreign translation ,

       company website  

  • English system ,foreign language marketing design , publicity design, advertising leaflets English design.

  • Advertising Service , overseas market advertising research, overseas advertising (signs, road shows, radio,

       television, newspapers,magazines, airport advertisement )

  • Senior Sales ,representative for customer discussion and business presentation, focusing on strategic large

       customer sales, customer visits, business negotiations, business follow-up.

  • Repor ting services, market research, sales and service repor t , the client system statistic repor t , weekly

       monthly statistical analysis

  • Foreign magazines service , aboard newspapers and magazines subscription

  • Inspection services, according to customer requirements, product specifications to do the inspection, third party

       international agencies inspection coordinating. 

  • Custom business information,  market research information ,specified product acquirement ,other required

       business information .